Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Disney Day Two!

Morning finally came, and it was time to go off to Disneyland!  Seriously, is there anything better than that walk to Disneyland knowing that you are going to have a great day!  There is a spring in everyone's step as off you go!

The lines on Tuesday were not that bad.  We had to wait a little for the Peter Pan ride (of course) but were able to pretty much walk onto everything else.  In the space of an hour, we already rode Peter Pan, Snow White, the Carousel, the Dumbo ride, Alice in Wonderland, and the Tea Cups.  We were moving through crazy fast but then hit a line at Small World.  We jumped out of line and let the girls meet Merida, the newest Princess.  

They changed the height requirements on some of the rides and so some things that Molly was able to do last year, like the Matterhorn, she was not allowed on this year.  We hope that she goes through an amazing growth spurt this year so that she can ride everything next year and since Braden is not that far behind her already, maybe we can have a year at Disneyland where a parent does not have to stay behind with the little ones -- we can just keep going!  That would be fun, especially for the kids!

By the way, Braden was there this day. . .not sure why he did not make any of the pictures ;)

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