Saturday, January 5, 2013

Molly's Birthday!

I picked out Molly's present months and months ago when it was kind of on sale at RC Willey.  I still paid way too much for a little girl's bed, but I justified it saying that Molly got hand-me downs upon hand me downs upon hand me downs and so she deserved something nice and new!

Garry has since painted the room blue, yellow and red, and so she has a true Snow White room (with a few Cinderella accents). Her grandparents also spoiled her with a Play doh castle, the Cinderella castle she has been begging for for month, and a dream lite.

She also requested dinner at Texas Roadhouse so she could ride on the saddle and get free ice cream.  Yum!

All of the kids also bought her an individual gift.  This was from Braden.  He grabbed it in Target and would not let go.  Molly did not really like it, and so she gave it back to him.  He sleeps with it in his crib -- the only toy he has not thrown to the bottom of the crib or over the railing.

I love Molly.  The other day I realized I would be sending her to Kindergarten in 17 months.  I had a little panic attack in the car.  She talks, constantly, and is my little companion.  She watches Top Chef with me.  She goes to the store and the gym with me.  She helps me with laundry.  She bosses the other kids around.  I just love this little girl.  She is so beautiful and fun.  So good in everything she tries to do.  I want to put her in every soccer, swimming, dance and gymnastics class out there just so she can develop talents she has in abundance, but my budget will not allow it.  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!