Friday, January 4, 2013

Disney: Last Day

The last day at Disneyland is just the worst.  As we get closer to the weekend, the crowds start to grow.  Tuesday was nice and Wednesday was fine but Thursday I started to feel the crowd crunch.  I also hate the feeling of walking out of the gates, knowing that you will not be back for a long time.  Last year Emma cried.  This year we were fine as we left, just a little sad. It's a little stressful taking a lot of little kids there but we know that we have this small window where everyone is happy to go and no one thinks anything is "dumb" or "boring" or "stupid".  Although I did make Emma go to the Playhouse Disney Show, and she was a little embarrassed because she was one of the older kids there.  See what I mean by small window?

Braden fell asleep in line waiting to see Mickey.  When we finally got to see Mickey, Braden kicked him in the face.  Not quite the reception you see on a commercial!

Emma gets picked every year for the Jedi training.  She just has a cuteness that cannot be refused.

This year kind of stunk for Molly.  They changed the heigh restrictions and she was not able to go on rides she really liked last year.  Before the parade Garry took her on a couple rides that she liked while I took the big girls back to ride Cars one last time.  Hope she grows this year!

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