Monday, January 28, 2013

Meet Maximus

On December 21st Santa left a big, HEAVY red box on our front porch.  Santa rang the bell and then disappeared faster than a wink.  We ran to the door, carried in the box and found MAXIMUS!

A Miniature Australian Shepherd, Max is the perfect dog.  He has the coloring of a Bermese Mountain Dog, but does not grow to be 200 pounds!  He's little, full grown I think he will reach my knee, and he is a working dog, eager to please, so it means that potty training, while still miserable, was not that bad.

He loves Emma.  He cries when she goes to school.  He also likes Macey but seems to know that she needs her space sometimes.  Unfortunately he thinks that Molly is another puppy, and sometimes he is overly playful with her.  But I would rather have a dog that was overly playful with kids than one that was scared of kids or aggressive toward them.  And he tries to steer clear of Braden, which is smart.

We love Max!

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