Friday, January 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012!

Because Thanksgiving was really early this year, it felt like I went directly from recovering from the California trip to getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Really, it does not take much effort to eat the day away, but I did a 5K in the morning, and that took a few days to get ready for.  I ran the whole race and did not stop anywhere on the course.  I had great hopes that I did well, but I realized at the end of the race I did not feel like throwing up.  Obviously I went too slow, and my final time showed it.  I was really disappointed.

But, next year!

This was also the first Thanksgiving without my nephew Aaron.  It was a hard day for my sister, and I am really glad that her oldest son drove up to South Jordan to spend the afternoon with her.

My nieces are amazing musicians and agree to play for us when they are in town.  Braden thought that the violin was amazing!

Ready to eat!

Kids table!

Braden likes to do crazy bungee jumps with Uncle Brett.

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