Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Dance Show!

This year I enrolled Macey & Molly at C&C Ballet.  We left Elite because I thought that the dance uniforms were too tight and skimpy and there was way too much butt shaking going on.  I mean, really, they are 4 and 6, not some drill team out during half time.

C&C Ballet seems to be more my speed.  Don't they look adorable?  This was the first time I had to get two girls ready for a dance show, and I felt like a rock star once everyone was dressed and in the car.  On time.

Macey danced first and Molly was supposed to go four dances later but they brought Molly's class out early!  Garry was just taking her backstage when her class walked out on stage!  Lots of parents were really stressed.  One dad ran his little girl up to the stage and just hoisted her up there -- no time for a graceful entrance from backstage!  Luckily they never started dancing because they had the wrong music (because they were four songs early) and so Molly and two of her little friends did not miss their dancing debut.

Of course they were the best ones out there.  And the cutest.  Molly's teacher teared up when she saw how cute Molly looked.  Seriously, how beautiful are these girls??

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Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

I pulled Riley out of dance b/c of the skimpy costumes. Now she swims and hangs out w/ practically naked teenage boys on a daily basis.