Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who? Who? Who? Who?

One of Molly's favorite songs (don't ask why, she's also a Lady Gaga fan, I'm also confused about that one) is "Who Let The Dogs Out". She likes to say "who?who?who?who?"

We'll sing it in the car with her but add different verses. Who let the pirates out? "Argh!argh!argh!argh!"

Or, who let the cats out, "meow!meow!meow!meow!"

We've also come up with verses for all of the kids. Molly's is: Who let the Molly out? "Waa!waa!waa!waa!" (She cries a lot).

We were coming up with a verse for Miss Macey, and she came up with her own.

Who let the Macey's out? "Mama!mama!mama!mama!" I had to laugh. It's so true -- she has a lot of middle child in her and her favorite word seems to be "MAMA!" in her most whiny voice. At least she recognizes it. That's the first step to recovery. . .

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