Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's c-c-c-c

On Monday we bundled the family up and set off to find a Christmas tree. It was cold! It was around 20 degrees and dark and cold, but we were determined to find a great tree!

By the time we reached the tree lot Emma & Macey were asleep, lulled by the warm vehicle and the moving car. But Molly was wide awake and ready to go! One thing about Molly, she HATES being left behind. She has a gigantic abandonment complex all wrapped up in her little body. So I stayed with the big girls and Garry took Molly to look at the options.

Poor little thing. About five minutes later Garry brought her back to the Jeep. I jumped out to get her in the warm Jeep and all she could say was, "Mama, it c-c-c-c. . ." She couldn't even form the word cold, she was so cold!

We didn't find a tree there, but we did find one down the street. Wahoo!

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