Sunday, December 19, 2010

All Aboard The North Pole Express!!!

Alexandria, Virginia had a Santa Train, and I never was able to get tickets. So it was with great relief that I found out that every year the Heber Creeper becomes the North Pole Express! All aboard! We got there really early and made sure that we were first in line fo our train car. It was FREEZING but it was worth it because we were able to get all of our seats together.
Oh my goodness, it was fun! They passed out cookies, hot chocolate, sang carols, Mrs. Claus passed out Santa's favorite cookie recipe and then Santa came aboard. He gave all of the kids a little toy top and took pictures with all of the kids.

Our seats faced each other and so the girls sat together and Garry and I shared a bench. They are so cheesy -- look at those fake smiles! But, they had a great time!


The GruCru said...

so fun. Eddie asked if we could do it, but I don't think anywhere around here does it.

Kiersten said...

Sounds like fun :)