Monday, December 20, 2010

I Had A Great Title For This Blog. . .But G Made Me Change It.

Last week the FBI Salt Lake City office held a family Christmas party. It was a really nice set-up. The kids had four craft tables -- they stitched together paper sack stockings, they did a train scene out of stickers, they made little frames and they had a table where you could make necklaces. Here we are putting together necklaces made out of bells and beads. They also had a whole table of cookies and drinks. Molly liked her cookie so much she went back for the frosting on another one.
And Santa came and passed out gifts for all of the kids. Parents had a price limit and were able to bring in gifts the day before so Santa could pass out individual toys to all of the kids, and they were all under $10 and so it was not like one kid got a scooter and another kid got a coloring book. It was really well planned.

The girls got Disney plush dolls. Molly got Tinkerbell. Macey got Tangled. Emma got Sleeping Beauty.

Of course Molly would not go near Santa -- so here we are! Close enough to get a present but not too close.

Here are the girls with their dolls!


The GruCru said...

I want to know what the great title was

Sylvia said...

I saw the original title but...if I told you Tara then I'd have to kill you.(That's your hint)

Tina said...

Love your cute pregnant belly!!!

Tina said...

I SHOULD be an FBI agent . . . once on the Internet, ALWAYS on the Internet . . . . . I don't understand what he didn't like about your first title????? (easy to find, by the way!!)

Kiersten said...

Cute :) great idea about having the parents get the presents to Santa.