Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stop Speculating!

On Thursday we had an ultrasound. I've had one at 10 weeks and 14 weeks and was disappointed that this one at 22 weeks (let's just round up to 23, shall we?) was on the same bad equipment. Sigh.

But, I loved the nurse who did the ultrasound. She really took her time and showed us everything. Well, almost everything. We told her that we did not want to know the gender and she told us when to look away in case we saw. . .something.

At the end of the ultrasound she gave us a CD of all the pictures that she took. The equipment is old and not very good, so we really did not get anything that good. Disappointing after some cool 3D pictures we got of Molly. But, the nurse suggested that we not look at the CD because especially in one spot we might see something that would ruin our big surprise.

Which makes me think that it's a boy. I mean, boys are obvious, right? And girls are a lot harder. So it seems we would be more likely to 'accidentally' discover that it is a boy versus a girl. Right?

This is the conversation I had for a long time with my sister Celeste. And then I realized that I need to stop trying to find out. There's a reason why we want to be surprised, and so I just need to let it be.


David and Nina said...

I would give that CD to someone to hold on to for you...too tempting! It is so fun to wait and find out, but it's hard! Good luck...either way it will be awesome!

Stephanie said...

Alicia, give it to me and I'll look at it. : ) I promise not to tell. It's so exciting!!!!

Erin said...

it's still a surprise if you find out now--just 4 months earlier. :-)

Kiersten said...

You are so funny! And I agree with Erin...I don't know how you can NOT look!

Amber + Jonathan said...

I don't know about a boy being more obvious. When we were looking to see what Lydia was, I saw the 3 little lines very bright and clearly before the tech did! Just thought I'd mention that so you don't psych yourself out :) But I agree, get rid of that CD!!!!