Friday, December 17, 2010

Can A Pair Of Pants Ruin A Whole Day?

Yesterday was horrible, and I think I can blame it on my pants. I'm in an awkward part of the pregnancy -- too big for my regular clothes and not big enough to fill up the dreaded panel. But, I tried a pair of panel pants anyway because I liked the color.

It was awful! I pinned them and they were still too big. I felt like I just sloshed through my day, hiking up my pants every few feet like an old man on a golf course. It did not help that I was at WalMart with two weepy kids (curse you, pillowpets!) and then at IKEA with the same two kids desperately trying to help me at the self-check-out.

So when I got home I declared ENOUGH and changed into an old pair of stretchy pajama bottoms. But, I wanted to clean up before my parents arrived and bent down to pick some things up and


Now if that sound doesn't make you feel worse, nothing else will. Everytime I picked something up


By the end of the afternoon, my pants were pretty much shredded. And so was my self-esteem.

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Stephanie said...

Poor Alicia! That's awful. Pregnancy is so not fun!