Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Super Mutant Fly

For the past week we have been tormented by three flies. Well, there may have been more than three, but it seemed to be just three that really liked to hang around us.

I finally gave up and went to Target for a $1.50 fly swatter. I was ready to go home and start SWATTING AWAY!

But when I got home, there were no flies to be found! I did not see a single fly all day.

Those flies must be some mutant, super-smart flies! They saw the swatter come into the house and they (wisely) decided to keep a low profile.

They cannot keep a low profile forever, and when they come back, I'm ready for them!

I will feel bad about killing them, though, since they are super-mutant-super-smart flies!

1 comment:

Jana said...

It's funny how that works. The same thing happened to me. Had a pesky fly, got a fly swatter and then it was gone. At least you are prepared! ;)