Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Justin B & Me!

Last night I had weird dream after weird dream. It started off as a dream about bookclub and I forgot to bring the dessert afterward. I was so frustrated with myself! But then people from up the street "crashed" our bookclub and so we just "crashed" theirs because they had better snacks.

And then Garry and I were with four other friends. One dear set of friends had recently lost a son but knew that he was still alive in a parallel universe. So we were making plans to go to New Zealand to enter the parallel universe (because that's where the world ends, you know) and get their son. Which would never work for a million reasons. . .

But while Garry was making plans to get to New Zealand, I was playing the piano and in walks Justin Bieber. Now, I do not know a single song that he sings but I do know that he is famous in the tween crowd. While we were talking, he was eating crackers and spit one out while he was talking. I picked it up and told him that I was going to sell it on Ebay.

I wonder how much I could get for that cracker?


LeeAnn said...

Is there something you need to tell us......like your pregnant or something cause that a crazy preggers dream!

Stephanie said...

You have the craziest dreams!!!