Friday, September 10, 2010

Run, Baby, Run!

Yesterday I was upstairs getting ready and when I came down the stairs I saw the front door, wide open. I called out, "Macey, Molly!" (Emma was at school) and quickly found out that Macey was in the living room but Molly was nowhere to be seen.


I ran out the front door, to the sidewalk, looked left, looked right, and I could not see anything. Would she try to go to the park? Would she try to go to Emma's bus stop and wait for Emma? Would she try to go for the neighbor's trampoline? Or look for the neighbor's cat?


I saw something to the left, just a little flash of something, and I headed for it. Luckily "it" was Molly. She was going for a walk down the street and had just rounded the corner.


What could I do to make sure this never happened again? I know I needed to keep the doors locked and chained, but I decided to add some extra security.

"Macey," I said, "If you see Molly go out the door again like that, you have to tell me."

"Okay," she said. A little noncommittal.

Not good enough.

"So I can find her and give her spankings."

"Big-time, hard spankings?" she asked?


"OKAY!" she answered.

Problem solved. There's nothing that girl likes more than seeing her siblings get in serious trouble.

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