Tuesday, September 7, 2010

#600, Baby

I obviously have the ability to talk about. . .not much. . .as this is blog post #600. When I started this blog, I had two kids. One was still in diapers. Now I have three. One goes to Kindergarten, one goes to preschool, and one is trying to break her crib into pieces and escape as I type because she took a two minute nap in the car and isn't that long enough?

I wish I had something profound to say at this momentous #600 occasion, but I got nothin'. Instead, I'll just blog about what I was going to in the first place: the incredibly sneaky Macey Moo.

On Saturday we went to Provo to go to the BYU game. The girls stayed with my sister and were excited about their evening out. Macey asked if she could take a library book to Provo to show Aunt Cindy. I told her absolutely not and even told her why! (you could lose it, we'd have to pay a fine. . .)

Not only did she not listen but she snuck it into the van and snuck it into my sister's house! It wasn't until we had left and she started crying that I realized what she had done. Because, of course, she left the book there. . .argh!

Fast forward to Tuesday when, during Macey's dance class, I pick up the unicorn pillowpet from Target that she wanted in order to beat the Christmas rush. Though it was "hidden" Macey still spotted a little bit of purple in the very back of the van. Recognizing that color, that size, that bit of pillowness, Macey was pretty sure I had gotten her a pillowpet.

She asked about it and I told her she did not see what she thought she did and to forget about it. Which worked rather well when she was 1. But, now she's 4 and so she waited until I went to work and then started searching the house. She even recruited Emma.

Coming up empty-handed, she asked me if she might see whatever was in that bag again, say, maybe around Christmas?

What a supersneak!


Jana said...

Too funny! She certainly is observant. I remember sneaking around the house with my brother trying to find presents.

Stephanie said...

She's a smartie!

Grammy said...

Well, she promised me today if I told her what I got Emma for her birthday that it would be a secret between me and her, and she would NOT tell Emma! Do you think I was too easy? She's so super sweet I can't say no!!