Friday, September 17, 2010

Look Mom, No Training Wheels!

Emma has wanted to take her training wheels off of her bike for quite awhile. If it kept her safe, she could leave them on forever -- I did not really care. But she noticed that other kids did not have them (and so it begins. . . .) and asked us to help her take them off. And so Garry did. . . Somtimes it went well. . .Sometimes it did not.
But by the end of the afternoon, she had it down. We're so proud of how well she did and how she did not give up. Sometimes she likes to give up if it proves to be too hard, but she kept trying!

Good job, Emma!


Stephanie said...

Go Emma!

Kiersten said...

Yay for Emma :)

Garry said...

She did AWESOME. It really only took her about 15 mins and she had it down--not that she still didn't slip after that. I attribute it to great coaching :), Emma's determination, and waiting until she is almost 6-years old.