Friday, September 3, 2010

Mad Skills

Molly has developed some mad skills. While I am in the shower, she can open the pantry door, slide over a chair, grab the chocolate mix from crazy heights, bring it back down, use her teeth to open the lid and then dig in.
Just to prove that her mad skills were not a fluke, she has done it more than once. Love the chocolate ring around her mouth in this picture.
Because I am a blogger first and a angry mother second, I've taken pictures. She's a punk.


Emily Heider said...

He he he, ok, blogger first and angry mother second made me laugh!! I have to follow your blog now, because it's quite entertaining! And gosh, I love when Benjamin gets into the kitchen, I think it's his favorite room.

Jana said...

Getting chocolate powder out is way better than baby powder in the fish tank. Love the pics. Too cute!

Tina said...

She knows to go straight to the good stuff!

Kiersten said...

I love that you took pictures first, that's totally what I would have done.
The chocolate ring around her mouth is too cute!

Meg said...

Forget the "bunny" there are twinkies right there on the shelf girl! Aunt Meg needs to teach her to go for the good stuff :)