Sunday, September 5, 2010

Macey Steps Up To The Mike!

Last week Macey was assigned to give a talk in Primary. Garry and I both groaned when we got the assignment because the last time she got an assignment it was just for a prayer and she refused to do it. She got up there, saw all of the kids, and would not say a word. I ended up giving the prayer really quickly when it was evident she was never going to do it.

So I was not excited over the idea of giving a talk. We only wrote it this morning because she was never going to give it, why spend time on it?? I put something together really quickly, we practiced a few times, and then we left for church.

I am so proud of Macey! She really stepped up and did a great job! She held up her pictures and spoke loudly and clearly. I wish now that I had written a better talk!


Kiersten said...

Aw, good for Macey :)

Grammy said...

Way to go Macey!!!