Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making A Play For Upper Management

Tuesday evenings are hard on Miss Molly. Her dad and her sisters take off for soccer practice, and she is left behind. She hates it, and I have to make her happy with trips to the park, Team Umizoomi episodes, and sometimes the occasional Sesame Street.

Last night I brought out the blocks. Finding the wagon more entertaining, she dumped them out all over the floor so she could sit in the wagon.

When Garry got home, he told Molly to clean up her blocks. She's a lot like Macey in that she does a good job cleaning up in nursery, but at home, she's a little tyrant.

After Garry told her to clean up, she looked at Macey, pointed to the blocks and said, "See-See (Macey), blocks!"

We had to laugh at her attempt to delegate, especially her attempt to delegate to the one kid who would rather go to bed than clean up a single block! She may be the youngest, but she's already making a play for upper management.

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