Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh Good, They Speak English

I have already blogged about how many kids there are in Utah. There are kids EVERYWHERE. With one big exception: my apartment complex.

We are staying in the "Luxury" apartments, and our building was just completed a few months ago. We are the first tenants. There are six apartments in our section of the building. From what I can tell, only one apartment is vacant.

But I have never seen the people across the way. The person next to us is a man who likes to play music really, really loud at all times of the night (2 a.m. is Garry's personal favorite). I'm not sure about the other apartments upstairs but for one exception: the apartment directly above us.

They have kids. Two of them, at least. I hear them at all times of the day and night (2 a.m. is Garry's personal favorite) running back and forth, back and forth with an occasional STOMP STOMP in between. I've seen the kids Mom and the Grandparents. I am not sure how many people live there. It reminds me a bit of Maryland in that way with all of the mystery houses!

I have never really talked to this mother or gone up to visit because with all the stomp stomp stomping (truly, at 2 a.m.) I have grown to not like them much. And I was not sure if she spoke English.

But the other night (11 a.m.) we heard the baby screaming and then the Mother joined in screaming "get out! get out!" over and over.

I had three thoughts: (1) at least it's not 2 am. (2) If I hear one peep of "help" or anything akin to it, I am calling the police on the mystery apartment. (3) oh good, they speak English. Quite fluently.

I still do not have plans for a playgroup, though.

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