Thursday, March 18, 2010

Come Along, Kids!

The thing about Utah is that there are a lot of kids. LOTS of kids. LOTS OF KIDS. In Maryland I heard at least once a day, "Wow, you have your hands full" as I went about with my three kids. Everyday. I have only heard it once in Utah and I think I literally had my hands full -- of Molly and shopping bags and a stroller. (Do not ask me why Molly does not like her gorgeous stroller. I have not figured it out.) I think that people look at me with just my three kids and assume I have older kids in school or think fondly back to the good old days when they only had three ;)

Garry has been gone most of March and so I've had to take my kids places I normally wouldn't: this week the oil change place and the lab for blood work on my thyroid. And both experiences were not too bad. The oil change place (Tunex -- thumbs up -- they vacuum your car) they were ready for kids with a huge coloring book and crayons. Wahoo! And at LabCorp they had a kid zone for the kids to play in. Another Wahoo!

It's hard to take the kids into these places but it's so great to be in a kid friendly state!

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