Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Goodbye, Dear Friend

On Friday I took Molly & Macey to their well-visit at the pediatrician's office. After pronouncing them perfect and lovely, the pediatrician asked if I had any questions. In near-tears, I explained that Molly (nearly 16 months) still was not sleeping through the night.

She asked if Molly was still on a bottle. I was embarrassed as I confessed, "Yes!"

Let me explain. I know that at 12 months she should have been switched over to a sippy. But she does not like sippy cups. And when she turned one, we were living in a hotel. Molly had been moved away from her home and her crib was in storage, I was not going to take away her bottle, TOO.

The doctor promised that if I took the bottle away, she would sleep. There would not be anything worth waking up for. So far, it has worked. Four glorious nights of sleep.

But, getting her to go to bed and take naps is now IMPOSSIBLE. She hates sippy cups, and we have tried three different kinds. When we hand them to her, she screams and throws them on the floor, walks over to where we kept the bottles, points and screams. I think that sometimes I miss her bottle as much as she does.


The GruCru said...

I'm sure you miss it more.

annie valentine said...

I swear third children should have bottles until they're 12. And we still do chocolate milk in a sippy cup at bedtime cause I rock like that.

LeeAnn said...

Now here is another trick to show Molly that the bottles are gone completely. Grab a plastic bag, take Molly to the cupboard where the bottles are kept and have her help you throw them away, of couse telling what a big girls she now is and big girls don't drink out of baby bottles. Seriously throw them away. Then later, when she is napping, take the bag out of the trash and put it someplace else that she will NEVER see so you can use them again for the next babe if there is one. If there isn't going to be any more little Cunningham babes then leave the bottles in the trash!

Erin said...

this is so so hard.

Tina said...

and she isn't a binky baby either is she???? At least you won't have to pry that away from her at a later date ;)