Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Difference

For the last four years we have been creating camcorder tape after tape and not had the necessary wires/ports to make DVDs. But for Christmas Garry got me a fabulous DVRecorder which makes DVDs from many sources (tape, memory sticks, etc.) directly -- no computer required.

One of the DVDs I made show Baby Macey and Little Emma playing. It looks like such a wonderful and happy and peaceful scene, and I wondered where I lost it. The apartment is small, things get cluttered FAST, and I am overwhelmed with the noise and general chaos of living on top of each other.

I beat myself up over it for a few days, wondering where I went so wrong in my mothering, and I realized the difference. THEY COULDN"T TALK! When Macey was born, Emma was 16 months. Of course it was quieter!! Because now they talk. A lot. All day. Bad call on my part helping them out with that.

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Stephanie said...

So true! What were we thinking! : )