Friday, March 26, 2010

It's About The Food

Over the last 3 1/2 months Garry and I have probably looked at about 30 houses. Some we have really disagreed on and I could not figure out what he was looking for in a home.

I think I now know. When I think of a great home, I think about having a designated place for the girls to play. It's all about toy management. That's why I like the Del Sol house so much (A house on Del Sol Road). It has a huge bonus rooom upstairs, off of the kitchen, and there are two bedrooms and a bathroom off of the bonus room. I think of it as the Emma & Macey wing.

I have finally figured out that when Garry thinks of a great home, he thinks about having family and friends over for great food. For him, he needs a designated and spacious place for a dining room table for years of fabulous eating ahead. That is hard because the trend is away from formal dining rooms and formal dining places, instead making room for one large great room. Often the dining room table has to be tucked into some space, somewhere, and that bothers Garry.

Now that I figured it out, will it get easier?

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Melissa said...

My thoughts are with you, but mostly because I envy your house hunt. I am all for the children's wing. I think of Mary Poppins and all those other movies where the children have a huge play room and their bedrooms are just right there. It's like the Pottery Barn catalog, if you will. And as far as the big food parties go, just remember that if the food is good and everyone is a good friend, it won't matter if they're seated around a ginormous dining table or on the couch with a TV tray. At least your husband wants to have people over. Anyway, clearly I have random strong feelings about this.