Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grandpa Camp

For the Fourth of July this year, we went to my parent's home outside of Idaho Falls.  Trips to my parents house mean essentially one thing for my kids: playing outside, outside, outside.  In fact, I am not sure if my kids spend anytime indoors while we are there.  They go from the hot tub (which my parents keep pretty cool for the kids) to the pool to the fire pit to the campsite to the hot tub to the pool. . . .you see the pattern.

Garry spent a ton of time helping my parents trim back the trees and cutting out dead underbrush.  Growing up, our back yard was just a big, beautiful park-like area.  We had over 500 trees.  My parents have cut out a lot of them but the ones that remain are HUGE and fighting for daylight.

We have picnics, talk around the fire pit, nap on reclining chairs -- everything a vacation should be.


Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

sounds perfect (although maybe not-so-much for Gary)

LeeAnn said...

Sounds absolutely perfect!