Monday, July 30, 2012

End of School!

Since we are a year-round school, we start a lot earlier than everyone else and get out a little later than everyone else.  Emma and Macey were still going to school in June, and Emma had to go a few more additional days than Macey.

Emma did really well in school this year.  Her reading improved.  Her report cards were perfect all year.  Her Chinese is going really well.  She received many awards for her good behavior during the year, and parents love her.  One neighbor always calls the school during the summer break to make sure her daughter is in the same class as Emma.  Another parent called me this week because she wanted to include Emma in a girl scout group she was forming.  She told me that whenever her daughter was having problems with friends at school, she always knew she could play with Emma because Emma is kind to everyone.  I also loved the fact that Emma was invited to a party as well as a playdate over at her teacher's home to play with the teacher's son.  She loves Emma, even on her days off.

We love our fabulous Emma!

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Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

A teacher that invites kids over on her day off-amazing (although your kids are welcome at my house any time.)