Friday, July 27, 2012

End Of Year Program

What a wonderful Kindergarten year Macey had!  I keep hearing about parents who want to skip Kindergarten and put their kid straight into First Grade, and I cannot figure that out.  It does not get any better than Kindergarten!  Cute friends, kind teachers, no stress.  

This year they did a little program at the end of the year.  They sung a few songs and a talked a little bit about families.  I experienced a little bit of a whiplash moment -- didn't I just attend Macey's end of year program for preschool?  

Not quite sure where this year went, but I know that we will miss Mrs. Mueller.  She was very kind and supportive and saw her role as a team player with parents.  Macey will miss her, but perhaps not as much as I will.  Macey just assumes all teachers are great because hers always have been.  I know a little better ;)

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