Thursday, July 12, 2012

Best. . .Game. . .Ever

When Garry's Mom was here in May, she took the girls to Costco and bought Molly a new dress. It's blue and sparkly and ruffly.  She LOVES it and wants to wear it everytime she finds it in her closet.  Truly, I need to be slower about doing the laundry, because she finds it often and frequently and therefore wears it often and frequently.

After she wore the dress yet again, I told her that if she did not start wearing other clothes in her closet, I was going to take the blue dress and hide it.

Wrong choice of words.  Molly loves Hide & Seek and her eyes just lit up.

"Okay, Momma!" she said.  "You hide it, and I find it!"



Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

At least it's something cute she wants to wear over and over. My boys always look like trash and they have perfectly great clothes with tags still hanging in their closets.

Grammy T said...

It's Okay, I bought her another one that pink and black and ruffly...I just have to get it in the mail, hopefully tomorrow!