Sunday, June 24, 2012

Are You Fluent In Molly?

One of the benefits of having older sisters seems to be fast and furious speaking ability.  Well, it might just be Molly.  She seems to be doing everything a little early.  But with her fast and furious speaking ability comes some difficulty understanding her.  She has a little girl's high voice, she talks quickly, and sometimes she does not get everything right.  It is easy to get lost when trying to understand her.

I realized the other day that often I have to translate for Molly around adults and sometimes there are people that are Fluent in Molly.

My friend down the street lets Molly come over often and play with her three year old son.  Because of this time together, I realized that my friend is completely fluent in Molly.  We were together one afternoon and Molly said something to my friend.  I thought that I would have to translate, but my friend responded directly to her.  She's fluent, after all.

I realized the same thing listening to Molly talk with Garry's Mom, her Grammy, on the phone yesterday.  It's really hard to understand kids on the phone, let alone three year olds with high voices that do not hold the phone correctly.  But because Grammy tries to talk to the girls individually several times a week, she has become fluent in Molly.

I really appreciate these people and their time and their efforts.  They love Molly enough to spend time with her and really, truly listen to her.  Enough to even become fluent.

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Grammy T said...

What I love best about talking to Molly are her songs, she loves to sing, and I love to listen...and I also love that no matter even if i talk to her two days in a row, she always asks me to come to her house!!