Monday, June 4, 2012

Explain THAT

Macey is an excellent reader.  Though she has not completed her end of year evaluation, I think that she will finish Kindergarten at a Third Grade reading level.

Lately she has been reading a set of scriptures written for kids -- the older version which has four pictures per page with a paragraph per picture that covers all of the main stories.  We have been AMAZED (and not a little scared) by not only her dedication but her comprehension.  She came upstairs the other day and told me that she finished 3 Nephi.  Thinking that she was reading but not really understanding (just like an adult, in other words) I answered, "Oh, really, Macey?  And what happened in 3 Nephi?"

"Christ came to America," she answered.

Okay, so her comprehension is great.

She finished the Book of Mormon, and so I got her the New Testament on Saturday.  She dug right in on Sunday.

So we should not have been surprised by her question at dinner that night, but we were.

"Do a lot of people have babies before they get married?" she asked.

Not knowing what she was getting at, we answered that it did happen, but it was not the best way to go about it.

"But Mary was pregnant before she married Joseph."

Good grief.  How am I supposed to explain THAT?


Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

that's a doozy-don't buy her the Old Testament

Stephanie said...

Haha. I agree with Tara!