Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Republican Momma

Though I have not been heavily involved in politics for a very long time, this week I realized again that I am still a Republican Momma.

It came to me when we were at the library.  I have taking all four kids to the library down to an art.  We walk in and the kids are able to pick out as many books as their age.  Macey always finds hers in record time, Molly picks out horrible My Little Pony books, making me grateful she only gets three picks, and I help Emma with hers because it takes her a little longer.  We then go to checkout and the girls can sometimes go to the ouside fountain and play in the water.

Things went horribly awry this time, however, when Macey jumped from the fountain and landed on her ankle.  I knew that from the angle she landed on, it could be bad.  It was scraped up, and she started howling.  I think that a Democrat Momma would feel compassion, sympathy, immediate concern. . .some tenderhearted emotion.  I merely calculated in my head whether I had time for an ER visit that evening.

Deciding that the answer to that was a definite no, I helped her to the van and listened to her howl all the way home.  I figured I could look at it at home and see if it was swelling and then decide what to do.

We pulled into the garage, and I promised a sobbing Macey a Tinkerbell bandaid.  The crying stopped, she leaped out of her carseat, jumped out of the van, and headed inside to get her bandaid.

Hmmmm.....there may be a reason why I am a cold-hearted Republican Momma. 


Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

this just made me laugh

Tina said...

Good Going! THIS republican mother got the MOTY (mother of the year award) when she told her son, "It'll be better in the morning) and had him sleep all night with a broken arm!!! It didn't get better!!!! ha!

Stephanie said...

I'm right there with you!

LeeAnn said...

You can be compassionate and wise at the same time and still be a Republican Momma. You were both! Seriously who would not want a Tinker Bell Band-aid!!