Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Is The Place!

We had a great time at This Is The Place Monument & State Park. We went thinking that it was just a big statue with train rides nearby (that's all it used to be. . .) and found this little village to explore! Here are the girls with a statue of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith.
There were pony rides! Molly was fascinated. . .if not a little scared. Macey is on the horse behind us.

There was a petting area with lambs and goats and baby chicks. The girls were also able to see pigs and cows.

We took two train rides!

The girls dug for gold and found two gold nuggets! Wahoo!

Can you imagine walking from Illinois to Salt Lake pulling one of these? Can you imagine putting everything you own into this little square?

On our way out, the girls tried out a wagon. Giddy-up, imaginary horsey!

We had a great time!


The GruCru said...

Those people in front of you on the train look thrilled

Cunningham Blog said...

They were the driver's son and daughter. I am guessing they get to ride often and the joy is gone.

Michelle - aka Belle said...

Did you hear about the barn that they keep the animals for the petting zoo in? So sad!

LeeAnn said...

Wow! That place really has changed! Looks like fun!

Meg said...

We will have to go with you guys next time...Garry invited us along but we weren't able to make it. So let us know when you are going again! Cameron loves trains :) How much does the train and petting zoo cost?