Saturday, June 26, 2010

Okay, But What Is It?

I am overwhelmed by my three girls. Some parts of the day are harder than others. I am especially overwhelmed when we first get home. Upon entering the door, someone wants something RIGHT NOW! Emma wants to go play with a neighbor, Macey wants something to eat or drink and Molly wants to watch Team Umizoomi. RIGHT NOW. Meanwhile, I need to find a Molly-proof place to put the shopping bags, the diaper bag and am usually dying to use the restroom.

The other day their whining started early. We were still in the van driving back from Salt Lake when the requests started -- something to eat, somewhere to go, and just a general WWWAAAHHHHH!!! from Molly.

I told the girls, "Hey! Enough! We're not even home yet. You girls need to CHILL OUT."

Macey answered in her little voice, "Okay, Mama!" Then I heard her whisper softly to Emma, "What's chill out?"

Man, I love that kid.


Erin said...

love it!!!!!

Jana said...

As always Macey is too cute.

Kiersten said...

Ha ha! Cute :)

Melissa said...

my boys are the same way. I finally had to put a 15 minute ban on all requests upon entering the front door.

Stephanie said...

So cute. It's what's gets us through the whining!