Monday, June 21, 2010

Macey's Dance Show!

Macey had her first dance show! She has been taking lessons at Black Diamond since we moved here and before that she had lessons for several months in Maryland. Since she has seen her cousins' dance shows, she was excited for her own! Garry and I were a little concerned over how much make-up to pile on this little girl, but her teacher told me that just when I thought I was done to add more, much more. So, I did. She's a little diva. I was saving the body glitter for the night of the show and on the way home from the dress rehearsal all I heard about was the girls with the body glitter. . .
Here's her action shot! She did a ballet number to "I Feel Pretty" and this tap number was to "Lollipop".

Garry got her a dozen purple roses. They matched her dress. Way cute. Emma thought that the roses were for me but when we were waiting in the auditorium Macey told me that she was sorry but she was sure Dad got the roses for HER.

We're really grateful for all of the family that came to her little show. Garry's grandparents came as well as his brother and his family. My sister's whole family came. Macey had a great time!

Here she is with cousin Chloe and Emma. Emma's great-grandma gave her a bag of M&Ms which I thought was great because it's hard when your little sister is getting all of the attention.

After the show we went out for ice cream and, yes, my nephew Zach and my brother-in-law finished all of this. And I'm pretty sure my nephew went home and ate again immediately.


The GruCru said...

Way to go Macey. Your nephew sounds a little like a 9-year-old boys that I know

Jana said...

Macey is too cute!

On The Go Family said...

So cute! I had to laugh about the makeup comments ... having just been there ourselves. As I said in my FB post, Matt was totally scarred from seeing his little girl all done up!