Wednesday, June 30, 2010

lemonade, lemonade, lemonade

Since I finished reading "Life As We Knew It" (see book blog for review) I have been really concerned about what was in, or more importantly NOT in, my pantry. In this book a 16 year old girl writes about how her family survives 10 months after a meteor hits the moon and sends it off orbit and chaos ensues.

So Garry and I have decided to stock up whenever we see hot smoking deals at the grocery store.

This week it was lemonade! We got those cannisters of Country Time lemonade that usually sell for $2.50 at Target or WalMart for $1 each at Smith's. We bought 20 of them.

I'm happy that we've started, but lemonade might not be that practical. It has been predicted that near "the end" it will be a year without rainbows, which is a year without rain, which is a year without water. Not sure what we can do with lemonade when there's no water. Maybe we can trade with people who do have water!

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