Thursday, November 12, 2009

Same Theme . . . But With Pictures!

The theme of hating to shop at WalMart and my experiences thereat have been a frequent topic on this blog.

Recently Garry found a website called "People of WalMart". If you see someone a little sketchy at WalMart, you are encouraged to take a picture on your cell phone and send in to the website. The pictures and captions are so funny (and a little frightening) that Garry has starting crying he's laughed so hard.

Some of the pictures are from a WalMart in Maryland -- I know everyone is shocked.

Just a warning: some are funny & some are crude.



The GruCru said...

I went to the dollar store today. There was a very long line. They finally got another cashier. There was a lady in front of me, so she went first and I got right behind her. Then this very large angry lady who was at the back of the line, got upset, b/c she thought she should be next (maybe she didn't learn about lines in school-she is also someone who proabably doesn't get the zipper concept while driving either). The lady in front of me had a baby and both of us only had a few items AND we were before her in line. Angry lady's cart was overflowing and she was in the back. She felt that the cashier had "motioned" her over and was irrate that we had "cut" in front of her and threatened to slap the s*** out of us. I had so many snarky comments, and it was everything I could do to hold them in, but I so thought of you.

Jana said...

Bill's friend from high school runs that site. Small world! After Cake Wrecks, it's good for a laugh.

Tina said...

I actually had someone tell me off for being nice to them. "You need to stand up for yourself girl!" they told me!!!!