Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Four Miles And A Day Ago

Like all little kids, Emma sometimes struggles to understand the difference between a day, a week, a month, yesterday, tomorrow, a minute, an hour and even distances like a block or a mile.

So when she was little in order to express any sense of time, either in the past or the future, she started saying "four miles and a day ago". We have no idea where she got it from, it sounds a little Lincolnish, but we're pretty sure that she did not get it from him.

She understands the concept now of days: church on Sunday, school on Monday, Daddy is home Saturday, etc. And she somewhat understands now the concept of a minute and a second. She even understands the difference between tomorrow and yesterday.

But somehow she still says "Four miles and a day ago, when we went to the store. . ." or "Four miles and a day ago when it was my birthday. . ."

It's cute & confusing & all Emma, wrapped up in one.


LeeAnn said...

Now that is one of the cutest phrases that I have ever heard!

The GruCru said...


Kiersten said...

I love it!