Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Benefits of Bad Service?

Yesterday I returned to the Waldorf WalMart. (I know, I know). In Southern Maryland there are two WalMarts, the ghetto Waldorf WalMart one and the so-so one in La Plata. I needed just a few little items. It would be a quick trip. First and foremost, I needed some more Tide.

I didn't have any coupons and sighed when I saw the price for Tide. $13. I always like to buy when it's aound $10, but not that day.

I grabbed a few more items and headed for the check-out aisle. The lady at the register was young and a little cranky. She looked like she wanted to be anywhere but there, but I understood. So did I.

My items were rung up and bagged, and I looked at the amount. $11 and some change.

Well, that was clearly wrong. Should I grab my items and run? Or point out her mistake?

I decided to be honest.

I nodded at the Tide and asked, "Did you ring up the Tide?"

"Yes," she snapped.

Well, clearly no, but who am I to question Ms. Cranky Cannot-Do-Math Pants?

Should I have pressed harder or considered it a benefit of bad service?


Sylvia said...

First...both of those Walmarts are ghetto. Secondly...I think Walmart uses their own new math because my total or change or both are wrong quite often. I have made a conscience effort to avoid Walmart like the plague...or the swine flu or whatever epedemic the media is trying to sell today. Go to Target instead.

The GruCru said...

FYI-Riley testd ;aundry detergents last year and Costco brand was the best

Cunningham Blog said...

Oh, good to know if I ever get a Costco card9.