Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and Halloween and Halloween (oh, and Halloween)

This year the girl's participated in a Halloween that never ended! On the 24th we met the Moore family in St. Mary's County for the annual Haunted Garden. The kids get to walk down a "haunted" path and get candy from local business owners who give candy to the kids and advertisements to the parents. This is our fourth year going -- we love it!

Here we are walking the path. Garry bought Macey (Sleeping Beauty) a wig just that morning. She looked FABULOUS!

Macey was able to go Trick or Treating at North Point High School as part of the preschool program. She got to wear her costume (she was Belle this time) the whole afternoon and had a great time!

On the 30th we went to the church for a little dinner and a great Trunk 'n' Treat. The girls got a ton of candy and had a lot of fun. Molly had a few dum-dums and here she's giving the cornbread a try.

Every year I try to come up with an awesome trunk for the Trunk 'n' Treat . . . and I fail miserably. My decorations refused to light up and so I had to be content with danger tape and fake cobwebs. Sigh.

Finally, the real Halloween arrived! We spent most of the day at Kings Dominion and got home in time to take the girls around the neighborhood. I'm always surprised at how few people hand out candy on Halloween. When I was a child, everyone handed out candy or faced the consequences!

This time Macey was Barbie: Diamond Castle. She had a good time but was done after about 45 minutes.

Emma's favorite house gave out large candy bars. She got a whole Hershey bar and dug into it when she got home. When I was little, my next door neighbors would always save a special King Sized candy bar for when I came to their home. Bless the McCarthy's. That's such a huge thing in the life of a child -- I still remember!

Molly got a lot of ooohhhs and aaahhhhhs for being the cutest pumpkin EVER. But Garry got just as many complements. And you can see why.


The GruCru said...

I think the wig looks a tad cuter on Macey

LeeAnn said...

Garry has to mant teeth to be a hick.

Kiersten said...

Wow, you did do a lot for Halloween. Maybe we'll have to try the Haunted Garden next year, I'll have to get more info from you.
Our neighbor gave the kids a king size bar too, it was the highlight of the night for them!