Sunday, November 15, 2009


I've blogged about it before, I'll blog about it again. I hate the Kay's Jewelers Christmas commercials. They set up an unreasonable expectation of how Christmas should proceed. A man, a woman, a perfect tree with a raging fire in the background. Perfect hair, perfect make-up, the exchange of gifts, a gasp of joy, a huge smile, a lingering kiss. Ahhhh....Christmas.

This Christmas is not going to make it onto any Kay's footage reel. First, we are moving next week. We'll be here in Maryland in a hotel for a few weeks before we head west. If the weather cooperates, we'll get to Utah around December 16th. We'll be in short-term housing and will be scrambling to put up a tree. A tree that we will only be able to decorate about a third of because Molly already proven at church today that she likes to take off Christmas decorations.

The girls will scramble to the tree as soon as they wake up, and my hair and makeup will not be perfect -- not even close. So I'll be dodging the camera every chance I get. I'm not sure if I've been in a single Christmas morning photo since 2003.

And the only sparkling thing that we'll be dreaming of Christmas morning is maybe a stainless steel fridge. With a drink dispenser. I really think that if my kids could get their own drinks of water, it would change my whole life.

Ah, Christmas.


MissouriMormonMama said...

Spot on Alicia! Good luck with the move!

LeeAnn said...

When my kids were younger-before water from the door was even invented- I found a water dispenser with a spigot on it. Into the fridge it went and I was never bothered again! So awesome!