Thursday, November 10, 2011

Surgery Siblings!

Braden has had ear infections since this summer. It's been hard as he has not been able to sleep well. Or nap well. I finally got an appointment with an ENT. I joked with my friends that I was going to demand tubes the next day. So when I took him in and the doctor said that he needed tubes soon and I said that tomorrow worked well for us and he said fine, we'll put you on the schedule, I was ECSTATIC!

While we were in the office, I also had him look at Macey. She had tubes put in at 14 months. And one never came out. The doctor said it was stuck and would require surgery to take out and she could go on the schedule the next day as well.

The next morning Garry took the two to the surgery center and I got Emma ready for school. I went and picked up Braden when he was done, and Garry stayed with Macey. They did well! Braden still has the congestion I was hoping would clear up, but Macey feels good!

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On The Go Family said...

I'm impressed they could get you in the next day. We usually have to wait a couple months for a surgery appointment!