Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Searching. . .

Remember last year when I took the kids to the fundraiser in Riverton and it was a borderline debacle experience?

This year I tried again! Once again we went out to the "Search for the Great Pumpkin". But this year I knew what to do! We brought good flashlights. Not great. Just good flashlights to help us find the candy on the way to the Great Pumpkin. Last year we had wimpy Princess flashlights and could not see anything and did not find anything. Nope. Not a single piece of candy. I kept telling Garry that we needed really strong flashlights and maybe even a lantern. He had never been and so did not understand the importance of a strong light. But I think that now he has gone through the experience, next year we will be even more prepared!

This year Garry was there. Which helped a lot. Last year he was in Washington, D.C.

This year the kids were older and so I was not anxious about losing them and demanding that we all stay together. I told them to go for it and I would find them later. They did great and found lots of stuff!
And we found the Great Pumpkin! Hooray!

We went with our friends from down the street. We have kids the same age who are good friends. This little boy is Molly's best friend so I thought it was cute that she was a Princess and he was a Frog.

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love the new pics of the kids-they all look so grown up.