Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Player of the Game!

You would think that with her Daddy as the coach, Macey would be Player of the Game early in the season and often. Well, maybe not often, as each kid only gets it once, but still. . .

Macey and soccer are an interesting combination. It's just not her thing as she is not aggressive and so would never try to take the ball from someone or beat them to the ball. It's just not her style. But she likes being part of a team, and she likes to compete with the team. And she likes the snacks that are passed out at the end of the game!

At the end of the season in October, it was her turn! Player of the Game! Since it was the last game and she knew it was her turn, she really put her heart into this game. She had a lot of touches and really hussled. I was proud of my Macey!

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Grammy said...

Way to go Macey!! That's my girl!