Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The "Fun" Run

When Braden was over three months old, I headed back to the gym. I had some serious weight to take off, and, honestly, probably had not lost the weight from Molly.

My friend and I decided that to motivate ourselves we would run in the American Fork Fun Run right before Halloween. You run a portion of the race through a graveyard and many people dress up. It's fun. Especially when it's over.

It's just a 5K, but I was very anti-running for a long time, preferring to speed walk on the treadmill while reading.

I will never love running. It's just not me. But I do like the effects of running. So that's something!

I ran the race with my friend and my brother in law and my nephews. I have a nephew who is a serious runner and came in 6th overall. He's awesome. I came in 10th for my age range. There are some smoking fast 29 year olds out there!

I am running another 5K at Thanksgiving with my sister and seven other family members. They will all beat me, by a lot, but at least there will not be any guilt when I eat a whole pumpkin pie by myself!


Jana said...

Way to go! I have often thought about running, but then I don't. Maybe I should rethink that.

LeeAnn said...

You go girl! 10th over all for your age rainge and this being your first 5k! Awesome! Unless you didn't add that there were only 10 people in you age range;-) heehee