Sunday, November 20, 2011


Being an Oceans 11 fan, I really wanted to see the fountains at The Bellagio while we were in Vegas. I loved the end of that movie where they walk out and calmly walk over to the fountains and watch them go off and then walk away, one by one.

Okay, the fountains are viewed the strip, and there is no serene beauty on the Las Vegas strip. There were people EVERYWHERE. It's beautiful in the movie. And only in the movie.

The show was fabulous but quick! The fountains go off for about four minutes -- about the length of a song. Still stuck in my Oceans 11 fantasy, I expected something classic and beautiful and serene. Um, no. It was loud. But powerful and still fun to watch!


LeeAnn said...

Real life is sometimes so disappointing isn't it! On a good note though your real life kids are SO CUTE!

Kiersten said...

I agree with LeeAnn :)