Monday, July 12, 2010


After the movie, Steph & I went back home, and I found that Garry had planned a SURPRISE birthday party for me. I came home to a family room full of family and friends. For a treat, Garry prepared all of my favorite foods: chocolates, skittles, egg rolls, and a huge shrimp tray. I'm sure everyone wished that my favorite food was steak, but they were good sports about it.
And cherries! And rootbeer! And chocolate covered cherries!
Garry also made two chocolate pudding cakes -- my favorite.

Miss Rory was a big hit at the party. Molly is so moody and generally likes only a few people. My family was enchanted by an easy-going baby girl.
Garry's grandparents also came for the surprise. It was a great afternoon, and I really appreciate all of the time and effort Garry put into making it special.


Kiersten said...

Aww! Way to go Garry!

Quite an assortment of treats...I'm not sure I'm familiar with a pudding cake, I might need the recipe.

Funny that the redhead baby was more easy going than the blond one :)

Jana said...

Good job, Garry. Sounds like you had a great birthday.

The GruCru said...

ditto-if anyone deserves a party it is you

MissouriMormonMama said...

How fun! I'm so glad you had a great birthday!