Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grandpa Camp!

On Tuesday and Wednesday night the girls slept out at "Grandpa Camp".
My parents have 1.8 acres outside of Idaho Falls, and some of it is just pasture. My dad made a path through the pasture and in a ring of trees in the back created a camp -- just a clearing big enough for two large tents and a few chairs and a fire pit.
Tuesday night we roasted marshmellows, my sisters recited the Creanation of Sam McGee, and then the kids got ready for Grandpa Camp! There was a girl's tent and a noisy, noisy boy's tent. My sister was kind enough to sleep out with the girls in the girl's tent and Molly and I stayed indoors.
Macey made it until 11 the first night but the second night stayed out with the girls. She was very proud of herself. Emma loved all of it.

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Jana said...

What great memories for your girls.