Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I've Got Lots More!

While we were in Idaho my sisters took their older kids to the temple. So I took the little(r) kids to the park down the street. When I grew up outside of Idaho Falls the nearest park was. . .was. . .well, there was not one. But now a mile from my parent's house is a huge set of soccer fields and a fun little playground. Man, if it had been there 20 years ago I think my whole life would have been changed ;) Molly had fun cheesing for the camera and eating potato chips.
Chloe and Emma took a break to hang out on the bench with me.

Claire was a good sport hanging out with everyone and helping Molly on the slides.

I'm not sure what Macey is doing here. . .surrendering to the inevitability of Mom's camera and another blog post, I am sure.
While they were at the park, they were playing a game where my nephew would "charge" the kids to go down a certain slide. They had to pretend to pay him by smacking his hand. This drove Chloe NUTS as she insisted it was a free country and a free park! But Macey played along. She smacked his hand and when he said "thank you!" she said, "no problem, I've got lots more!"

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