Saturday, July 17, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

Molly made in through a movie! Yahoo! When she was a little, little baby, we took her to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We had to walk back and forth with her in the back; she just did not want us to sit down.
A few months ago I took her to Princess & The Frog. It was a disaster!! She watched maybe five minutes and we spent the rest of the time in the lobby.
But last week all of the cousins went to How To Train Your Dragon. We took up a whole row and so she just walked back and forth, back and forth, stopping for candy, popcorn, hugs, and whatever else her cousins and aunts wanted to give her along the way.

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Kiersten said...

Ahh! I remember finally getting there, it's wonderful! hooray for Molly :)